Why is there no binary distribution for 1.3.27 for solaris 2.8 in apache.org

Why is there no binary distribution for 1.3.27 for solaris 2.8 in apache.org

Post by Sr » Sat, 18 Jan 2003 03:40:01


I did not find the binray distribution for 1.3.27 for solaris 2.8 on
apache.org site. Am i missing. Can some body point me the link if it

Also, i downloaded 1.3.26 binary and i dont find instructions on how
to install. i dont see any install.bindist.sh script



1. Compiling Apache 1.3.27+SSL on Solaris 2.8


I'm trying to compile apache 1.3.27 on a Solaris 8 machine, I'm using gcc
2.95.3, I have installed the Berkeley db libraries from
www.sunfreeware.com, these have installed into /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.3
when I run configure with the following options is can't find the
Berkeley-DB libraries.  The output from configure is as follows

Configuring for Apache, Version 1.3.27
 + using installation path layout: Apache (config.layout)
Creating Makefile
Creating Configuration.apaci in src
Creating Makefile in src
 + configured for Solaris 280 platform
 + setting C compiler to gcc
 + setting C pre-processor to gcc -E
 + checking for system header files
 + using custom target name: httpsd
 + adding selected modules
    o rewrite_module uses ConfigStart/End
      disabling DBM support for mod_rewrite
      (perhaps you need to add -ldbm, -lndbm or -lgdbm to EXTRA_LIBS)
    o dbm_auth_module uses ConfigStart/End
    o db_auth_module uses ConfigStart/End
Error: None of Berkeley-DB 1.x, 2.x or 3.x libraries found.
       Either disable mod_auth_db or provide us with the paths
       to the Berkeley-DB include and library files.
I've tried to set the environment variables INCLUDES LDFLAGS and LIBS to
the following values -


but to no avail, I have also tried adding those lines to the file

Anyone got any ideas or can point me to some decient documentation



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