Problem with Apache+JServ+Servlets delivering gzipped Files

Problem with Apache+JServ+Servlets delivering gzipped Files

Post by Kai Rod » Thu, 02 Dec 1999 04:00:00


The company I work for is using an Apache web server with JServ. I have
a servlet which is supposed to deliver gzipped data if the browser supports
decompression on the fly.

However, it looks like Apache deletes the "Content-Encoding:" header which
the Servlet correctly sets, and thus the browser displays the gzipped
data without decompressing it.

Has anybody ever tried doing this and succeeded?



1. Apache JServ and servlet using non-public classes within the same .java file

Hello -- I got Apache JServ 1.0 up and running on Solaris.  I got some
simple test servlets going, but then I discovered that if my servlet .java
file has additional classes defined within it, and they are used within the
main public HttpServlet class, then I keep getting ClassNotFound exceptions
(or something like that).    It seems like the servlet runner cannot find
these private classes within the same class file.  (I can get it to work by
combining everything into one class and removing the use of these classes).

I have no problem instantiating classes that are public and defined
elsewhere in a .jar file and I've included them in the classpath via the
.conf files.

Has anyone seen this before?  Is there something I missed in the
configuration files?



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