Boa-0.92 pre-announcement

Boa-0.92 pre-announcement

Post by Larry Doolitt » Wed, 04 Dec 1996 04:00:00

   Pre-Announcement for Boa-0.92

We are still filling in gaps in the documentation, but
the code looks good.  We (Jon and Larry) intend to put
out an official release in a week or two.  If you want
to use, test, or just play with a GPL'd web server that
can breeze through a couple hundred hits _per_second_
on a Pentium[TM] running Linux, or better than thirty
hits _per_second_ on a '386 running Linux, check out

Do you feel the NEED for SPEED?  Try Boa.


1. ANNOUNCE: Boa-0.92 fast, lightweight webserver

    Announcing release 0.92                 *    *
    of Boa - a fast, lightweight            *    *
    web server for unix-alike computers     *****     ***     ****
    publicly available under the GPL        *    *   *   *   *   *                     *    *   *   *   *   *
                                            *****     ***     ****

 This release is mostly for bugfixes and a transition of ownership.
 A few new features have been added, and the documentation is improved
 and expanded.  Despite a long to-do list, the current version is
 stable, useful, and worth releasing.  It is certainly in much better
 shape than the previously published 0.91.

 How fast is it?  Web benchmarks are a tough business, and we don't
 claim definitive answers.  Here are some semi-quantitative comments:
 A 386DX/25 with 8M of RAM can take a surge of 30 hits/second.  It
 ran OK with 4M of RAM, although a little slower.  Testing on a fast
 Pentium[TM] tends to saturate a 10 Mb/s ethernet; in the limit of
 small files, we have seen surge capacity of 300 hits/second.

 and test some key features (like virtual host support) on this small,
 super-efficient web server, please send e-mail.

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