NS Enterprise Server3.51: HardwareVirtualServers with same homepage?

1. NS Enterprise Server

A quick question which MS Support is not capable of answering to:

  -  Does FrontPage Extensions support Netscape Enterprise Server?

I tried this question with Microsoft Support, but when I realized I had
to explain to them what these extensions are I lost hope.

We run fine today on a Netscape Commerce Server but would like to
upgrade to Enterprise server.

Another question while we are at it:
Are there anyone else doing any work with Sybase web.sql and FrontPage
at the same time? I would very much like to get in touch with you as I
have problems with pages where I would like to use features from both
programs. Seems like I can't have both.. Is this true or is there a way?

Telenor Mobil Intranetproject

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