Expired Page / I.E. HELP !

Expired Page / I.E. HELP !

Post by Natha » Fri, 13 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Every time I use the BACK button on a I.E. browser to navigate my web site I
get a warning page that says:

Warning: Page has Expired The page you requested was created using
you submitted in a form. This page is no longer available. As a security
Internet Explorer does not automatically resubmit your information for you.
To resubmit
your information and view this Web page, click the Refresh button.

This does not occur when I use a Netscape browser. Does anyone know how to
fix this?

My web site works like a search engine. The user types in a word, my
database is searched, and then results are displayed. If I go to a new page
and then try to go back to the previous page I get the error  :(

Please send me an email incase I miss your post.