WebForms 1.0 - WWW forms generator!

WebForms 1.0 - WWW forms generator!

Post by Q&D Software Developmen » Tue, 30 May 1995 04:00:00

        WebForms lets you create your own WWW forms which you can link to your home page,
allowing you to accept orders for your products, conduct surveys, or anything else you
can think of that requires a response from your users!  WebForms consists of two modules
combined into one amazing program.
        The first module, called the WebForms Forms Generator enables you to design your
forms in any way you like.  Using the WebForms Forms Generator module, you can create text
areas along with many different types of controls including text fields, radio button groups,
check box groups, and list boxes.  WebForms' easy point and click interface allows you to
create as many controls as you like, having them appear in whatever order you like.  Once
you've finished designing your form, just click the 'Complete' button and the WebForms Forms
Generator goes to work.  In a matter of micro-seconds you have a professional looking WWW
form which you can upload to your network server or Internet Service Provider (or wherever
you keep your home page). You can create as many forms as you like for whatever purpose you
like.  Anyone who stops by your home page will be able to fill out the form and click the
'Submit' button, resulting in an encoded e-mail message sent to whatever e-mail address you
specified when creating the form!  Which brings us to...
        The second module, called the WebForms Response Reader, reads the responses received
from any WebForms Form.  All you need to do is save each message to your hard disk as a plain
ASCII text file.  There is no need to 'clean' the text file by removing any addressing
information, since the WebForms Response Reader is intelligent enough to sift through the
text of each message and pick out what it needs.  The WebForms Response Reader can even tell
which WebForms Form each message is responding to!  Messages are then automatically imported
into the WebForms Response Database.  This powerful database feature allows you to simply
click on the name of the form for which you would like to read responses, and presents these
responses in a clear, concise, scrollable table view.  You can even select whether to view
New messages, Old messages, or All messages.
        WebForms is the first product of its kind to become publicly available.  Most programs
of this type are written by WWW home-page publishing companies for their own use.  They then
charge YOU for their services, forcing you to pay more each time you want to make the littlest
changes to your form.  With WebForms, YOU are finally in control.  Look for Webforms to be
released in the first or second week of June.

        WebForms is brought to you by Q&D Software Development, creators of WinBrowse,
WInvoices, and Dear Diary, among other popular shareware programs.  To download any of our
programs, or to view our catalog, we invite you to visit our WWW home page at:


Dave Verschleiser
Q&D Software Development


1. WebForms 1.1 <ASP> - WWW forms generator!!

WebForms 1.1 -- coming Monday July 24th!!

WebForms v1.1 <ASP> is a World Wide Web forms
generator which automatically creates HTML
forms and reads their responses! Responses
are sent to your e-mail address and imported
into WebForms. No HTML knowledge is necessary.
Comes complete with on-line help system and
tutorial.  New in 1.1 -- Print responses, use graphics
and hypertext links, and use Bookmark to stop form
creation and complete later.  Please read 'Release Notes'
topic in Help System prior to running.
Req. VBRUN300.DLL.

Download WebForms from our home page at:


While you're there, feel free to browse!

Dave Verschleiser
Q&D Software Development

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