Access to Oracle from UNIX Web server

Access to Oracle from UNIX Web server

Post by Mark Smit » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

High folks,

We are undergoing some changes here, and no one at our local Oracle
vendor can seem to give me an authorative answer.

We use a UNIX (Linux 2.0.14) box for httpd (Apache) and will soon
be getting a DEC Alphaserver running NT. Don't ask, I recomended
against NT.

Anyway, the intention is to finally get rid of our file-server
type databases (yay!!!) and install Oracle on the NT box, almost
certainly Oracle Workgroup server.

Now I can find out about frontend clients for internal use on
Windows clients, however, I can't seem to find out about access
from the web server on UNIX.

How does anyone else connect Apache to Oracle in a TCP/IP environment???

Any answers and / or pointers appreciated.



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1. pl/sql cusror state using Oracle web agent, web server & database server

Apologies for the broad ng hit, but it could count in any of them.

I am trying to use Oracle web server 1.0, Oracle web agent and Oracle
Server 7.3.3 to simply return a list of items from a table in groups of
ten as a web page allowing the user to click "next ten" when required.

To do this I have written a couple of pl/sql procedures which are
encapsulated in a pl/sql package. The package contains a public
declaration of a cursor which is used to fetch each row from the table
for display. According to the documentation a public cursor in a package
should have its state preserved between calls to the package.

When i test these procedures from SQLWorksheet, I execute
pack.getfirstten which opens the cursor and fetches the first ten rows.
I then execute pack.getnextten which fetches the next ten rows as

However, when I call the procedures through the use of Oracle Web Agent
as a URL (eg http://machine/test/owa/pack.getfirstten), the first
procedure correctly returns the first ten rows, but a call to the next
procedure in the form of a URL
(http://machine/test/owa/pack.getnextten) fails with an (ORA-1001 [i
think]) unidentified cursor error written to the OWA service log.

Has anyone any ideas why this doesn't work, how it can be made to work,
and if it wont ever work what is an alternative approach based in pl/sql
with OWA as Im on tight timescales?

Many thanks in advance.

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