cgi-scripts -- archive??

cgi-scripts -- archive??

Post by tari.. » Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm just wondering if there's an anon. FTP archive of various
cgi-scripts.  I'm pretty new to UNIX admin, and scripting most definitely
isn't my forte.  I'm specifically looking for some different mail and
blackboard scripts, but I'm sure there are other things as well.

Trent Riggs


1. CGI Script Archive and Perl Resource

If you are looking for CGI scripts and information about Perl, apache,
htaccess, etc. please check out

Additionally, if you are a script author and would like to list your
site in our directory, please visit  

We currently have over 1,300 scripts in the database in over 30
categories with new scripts being added weekly.


Sheldon Finlay

Sheldon Finlay
A Perl and CGI Script Resource

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