ApacheSSL 1.2b8/0.6.6 Non-IP Virtual Hosts

ApacheSSL 1.2b8/0.6.6 Non-IP Virtual Hosts

Post by Stephen Hurrel » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00


I am having problems setting up Non-IP Virtual Hosts
using Apache 1.2b8 and SSLeay 0.6.6. I can get IP based
virtual apacheSSL hosts to work but not Non-IP hosts.

One thing I have yet to try is to put .conf SSLcert... entries
into each Virtual host section. Can someone verify that this is
what they have done? Perhaps post a working .conf VHhost sample?

TIA, STeve


1. non-IP virtual hosting

        I am running Apache 1.1 on a Linux server.  I have read documentation
 on non-IP virtual hosting, but cant get it to work.  
        I have added the host to our DNS table and the entry points to the
same IP address as the main server.  In the httpd.conf I added:

ServerName www.virtual.com
DocumentRoot /home/virtual/public_html

I'm stuck, any help would be appreciated.

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