Apache 1.3b3 CGI problem with graphics?

Apache 1.3b3 CGI problem with graphics?

Post by Philip de Lisl » Mon, 26 Jan 1998 04:00:00

We want to change servers from M$oft IIS to Apache 1.3 for NT. However in
testing all our existing sites, I've come across a weird problem I can't

We have several .exe CGI programs for doing remote maintenance of our
servers. They serve HTML pages from a directory below the executable. In
other words if the URL is


and serveradmin.exe is in s:/web/cgi-bin (we using a virtual host for these
with the pages on a secured partition) the HTML page returned is in

This work fine under IIS, Netscape, Website etc. But under Apache the HTML
page is displayed without any graphics and the error log states

[Sun Jan 25 18:12:24 1998] [error] (8)Exec format error: couldn't spawn
child process: s:/web/cgi-bin/html/img/veriseal2.gif

Why is Apache trying to execute a graphic? Especially one which is a known
MIME type?

Is there a switch I can't find in the docs which will overcome this? We're
selling these executables to other webmasters so I want them to work the
same way with all web servers.

BTW the pages work fine if they are moved to the document root.


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I've already gotten CGI/perl scripts running on Apache, having
done everything I need to get past the dreaded "couldn't spawn
child process: " error.  My setup was running code, no problem.
However, now something *else* is giving me this message.  I've
checked the "hash-bang" line (it's the same one that runs my
other code just fine); I even changed the reference from a
*.cgi file to *.pl to no avail.  My code is a little too long
to just paste on (>600 lines; it's recycled code with a few
changes, and all the syntax checks OK)-- does anyone know of
any OTHER reason beside the usual for getting the 'spawn child
process' error?  I'm the only user of the server, and the
machine's got plenty (64 megs) RAM.  About the only thing I've
added that's unusual is some "require" lines, but I'm assuming
I'd get logical error messages if this was the problem (I've
already tested all the required parts in separate code).

Like I said, all the test-code I'd written thus-far runs fine
(standard stuff like a sample guestbook that echoes back text
using a simple perl script.

System details: Apache 1.3b3, NT 4.0, Perl 5.004_02.

Any and all info is appreciated.

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