NEWBIE ALERT--Apache JServ on Solaris 8(x86)

NEWBIE ALERT--Apache JServ on Solaris 8(x86)

Post by mattgilber » Wed, 07 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone gotten Jserv 1.1.1 to run on Solaris 8? I am having a heck
of a time getting this thing installed. Seems that it ignores
everything in my path. Wont find the C compiler (which is set in the
path), or the JRE and JDK. I'm bald enough, but this thing is making my
hair fall out at a faster rate!! HELP!!!

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Hi All:
How would one test for an occurence of a given string within a field?

I use a script to notify network administrators if a print server in their bailiwick is down. If I don'r know the users name, I insert xxxx in a field.

# get the network administrator
    cut -d' ' -f3 /home/smartin/device > address.$i

what I want to do is if f3 contains xxxx, then don't stuff the name into address.
TIA any and all comments, suggestions, whatevers.

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