Problem executing sound device on server machine and output to sound device

Problem executing sound device on server machine and output to sound device

Post by Davi » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Error log says: Unable to open sound device
I have a cgi script that will send the name of a wave file to play on
the Apache server machine. I'm not trying to play sound through the the
browser.  I get an error message in the error_log that says "Unable to
open sound device" but when I execute the perl script from the command
line it works fine.  What am I doing wrong? I am using a program called
splay to play the wave file from the console.  I also tried using mpg123
to play an mp3 which works from the console but doesn't work from CGI
form page.  I don't get a error message when playing mpg123 but there is
also no sound.  

What is the proper way to execute programs on the server machine and
output on the server machine using PERL/CGI.

I use Apache 1.3.6 with Linux


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  How can I make two sound devices like /dev/dsp-left and /dev/dsp-right
mixes sound data to /dev/dsp0? That is, I can use "play -ddsp-left"
to hear from my left speaker and "play -ddsp-right" to send to
my right speaker, simultaneously?  What I want to do is to drive two
devices through one sound card at the same time.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

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