LDAP selective replication ?

LDAP selective replication ?

Post by Klaus Momberg » Sat, 28 Sep 2002 20:09:09


My question is if it would be possible to set up selective replication between
some objectclass on a master and its subclass on a slave directory server.

More precisely, what we have in mind is a master with an object
class "Person" and a slave with a subclass of "Person" and we would like to
replicate the common attributes of both classes. This should include object
construction/destruction (with some reaonable defaults for the objects of the
subclass in case of construction). Objects are created/destroyed only on the master.

Would such a setup be feasible, using e.g. Netscape/iPlanet directory server ?

thanks in advance,



1. LDAP replication from MS Exchange to Linux

How can I replicate data that from an MS Exchange Server
trough LDAP to a local Linux LDAP server ?

I have taken a look at slapd and slurpd, but they only allow
slapd-to-slapd replication.

I also need the replication to be initiated from our side, the
slave side, as I cannot control the Exchange Server.

The amount of data on the Exchange Server is fairly small, so it would
not be a problem to download the complete database say every night.


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