Netscape Enterprise Server - Oracle

Netscape Enterprise Server - Oracle

Post by Alfonso Gonzale » Wed, 13 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Can anybody say me how i make a environment Variabel visible by the web

By example, i want to make a Environment Var. LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
ORACLE_HOME and i want the server recognizes them.



1. Netscape Enterprise Server, Livewire and Oracle

Hi All!

I've been tring to use Livewire's dbadmin project to access a remote
Oracle database using the following values:

Database type   :       "ORACLE"
Server Name     :       "wayleavesp1"
User            :       "SYSTEM"
Password        :       <system password>
Database Name   :       "SP1"

So, the Oracle SID for my database is SP1 and it resides on the server
wayleave.  The SQL*Net connect descriptor for this database is

I can ping the database (using the Oracle ping application), so I know
that my PC can connect to the database.  However, I have been unable
to connect to the database using Livewire.

One possible problem is that I am using SQL*Net v2 and not SQL*Net v1,
but Netscape say that the SQL*Net version shouldn't really matter!

If there is anybody out there who could help I would very much
appreciate it, especially as I am working to tight project timescales.

James Blackwood
Logica UK Limited

tel     00 +44 (0)1224 843847
fax     00 +44 (0)1224 632089

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of James Blackwood and are not associated in any way
with his employer Logica UK Limited or any associated

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