Dynamic WWW based Events Calendar

Dynamic WWW based Events Calendar

Post by Dana Frenc » Fri, 07 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Announcing a new Dynamic Web based Events Calendar called "EventWeb".

EventWeb provides a dynamic World Wide Web based Events Calendar which
may be viewed, modified, maintained, configured, and administered via
the Internet or Intranet.

Example pages from EventWeb can be viewed and software downloaded at:


EventWeb is written in Korn shell scripts which makes it portable to
virtually any Unix platform and you get the source code.  Also, you do
not need to  maintain any additional, non-standard shells, such as perl,
since Korn is shipped as a standard shell with most Unix systems.  The
Korn shell scripts run as cgi programs on your web server.


Dana French


1. Dynamic WWW Events Calendar in Korn Shell

I am announcing a new program which is a Dynamic Web Based Events Calendar
written in Korn shell.  This program allows web clients to view, and submit
events to a centralized calendar via the Internet or Intranet.  An example
calendar can be viewed at :


The software runs as a set of cgi scripts and is written in Korn shell.  It
has been tested on an RS/6000 running AIX with a Netscape Web server.  I am
distributing this software as shareware and I will be enhancing the
examples over the next few days.  If you would like to download the

Dana French

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