Can you log specific cookies with Apache %{cookie}i log format?

Can you log specific cookies with Apache %{cookie}i log format?

Post by Robert Knobbe » Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:00:00


Just wanted to know if it is possible to limit the returned \"%{cookie}i \"
string in our custom logfile to only show the "Apache=" cookie rather than
all the cookies set for the current servers domain. We are comparing the
\"%{set-cookie}o\" server response to the browser set-cookie request to
identify browsers who have turned off cookies. Logging other cookies not set
directly by Apache seems a waste of disk space. Is there an alternative
other than fiddling with the mod_log_config code?

Any clues much appreciated.



1. Custom Logs With Web App Specific Information That Is NON Cookie NON Header Information?

I have a quick question that any help in finding the answer would be
greatly appreciated.  I would like to be able to have my application
set specific information in an Apache Custom Log file.  Right now the
application is php driven.  Besides the standard apache type info with
page urls, execution time, etc. I'd like to be able to add entries for
things like category, site area, etc. that can't easily be determined
just from the url.  It looks like I could use the {Cookie} and
{Header} options.  However, that seems like a hack since I do not need
to actually send this information back to the client as a header or a
cookie.  I also imagine I might have problems with custom headers
going through firewalls.  I have looked at the {Note} function but
this seems to only work between modules and not down at the CGI level.
 If I need to submitt more information please let me know.

Scott Delap

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