Apache 1.3.x & MacOS-X HFS file systems?

Apache 1.3.x & MacOS-X HFS file systems?

Post by Axe » Fri, 13 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Howdy all,
Is it save to serve page's from a non-UFS (or other native unix) file
system. My client wants his pages to be served from an HFS (native Mac
filesystem) disc on MacOS-X Server. I am convincing him that it's in his
best interest to use 'proper' unix filesystems, but have been unable yet
to find any hard evidence. Is the HFS file system good enough for web
serving? (Performance is not really an issue, security is) HFS doesn't
have the same security model as UFS.

A nice thing with an HFS DocumentRoot is that the webmaster can change the
server using standard AppleShare Fileserver connections instead of FTP.


Axel Roest

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Do I understand you? Were you able to see and format with pdisk an IDE drive
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