Which server - CERN 3.0 or NCSA httpd v1.4.2?

Which server - CERN 3.0 or NCSA httpd v1.4.2?

Post by Robert Altiz » Sun, 11 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hey Webmasters and other knowledgable types!

I need to bring up a web server on a SparcSTATION 2+ under Solaris 2.4 to
support web access to our DDTS (bug tracking tool) database.  I have both
the CERN 3.0 and NCSA httpd 1.4.2 servers avaiable, already compiled and
loaded, ready to configure and run.

Any comments on which I should use and why?  I want one with minimal
administrative overhead requirements, and expect only to be supporting
the DDTS interface application with this server for now.



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