Referer directive on Apache 1.1.1

Referer directive on Apache 1.1.1

Post by WHIRLYCOT » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hey kids...
I'm an old NCSA httpd user, and I'm switching over to Apache since it
seems to offer much more functionality... except for:

I can't seem to find anything about the Referer directive that's
supported on the NCSA software.  The purpose of the referer directive is
to force users to enter a document from a specified path, instead of
jumping in at random (see

Is there any way to replicate this functionality w/ Apache 1.1.1?



1. REFERER Directive NCSA vs Apache

I use to have a referer directive to force people to pass through a
particular page before accessing files in a different directory using
referer allow from
on NCSA 1.5 (even on 1.3 worked)

A developer moved the site to an Apache server and this doesn't work
anymore. I visited hoping that v1.2 would take care of this
problem, but it appears that nov even 1.2  understands this directive.

I will accept any recommendations, lights at the end of the tunnel,
patches, scripts, etc that can solve this issue.



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