APACHE/Newbie: Virtual Domains under a Virtual Domain?

APACHE/Newbie: Virtual Domains under a Virtual Domain?

Post by pbeil.. » Tue, 11 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Silly question perhaps, but is it possible to support virtual domains
under a sub-domain? I am asking because we would like to support
client domains, within our virtual server space, on a box that is
not our own.

Thanks for you help.


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        Let's say that we have a virtual host like www.vhost.com, and a real
domain www.realdomain.com..and we have users in the server, and their
pages are like www.realdomain.com/~user, but now user can access his
pages trough www.vhost.com, eg. www.vhost.com/~user. Is there any way to
restrict it and if yes could someone explain howto..

ps. please email directly, because Im not always following the news.
Thx. !

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