CERN 3.0 'Icons.xbm' babbling bug

CERN 3.0 'Icons.xbm' babbling bug

Post by llecle » Sat, 11 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have recently upgraded to CERN 3.0 server on a Linux Box.
I Now get lots of sporadic /httpd-internal-icons/blank.xbm access
errors (I have no such file on my system. It also happens for
back.xbm, image.xbm, text.xbm and unknown.xmb.

These are files I do not have, nor do I refer to on my system, yet
I get many attempts to access these from many random sites. Once it
starts, it 'babbles' constantly (ie. trying to access this same file
every second or so) for several minutes.


[09/Nov/1995:23:24:45 +0500] [MULTI FAILED] [host: referer:] /httpd-internal-icons/blank.xbm
[09/Nov/1995:23:24:46 +0500] [MULTI FAILED] [host: referer:] /httpd-internal-icons/back.xbm
[09/Nov/1995:23:24:46 +0500] [MULTI FAILED] [host: referer:] /httpd-internal-icons/image.xbm
[09/Nov/1995:23:24:46 +0500] [MULTI FAILED] [host: referer:] /httpd-internal-icons/text.xbm
[09/Nov/1995:23:24:48 +0500] [MULTI FAILED] [host: referer:] /httpd-internal-icons/unknown.xbm

Has anyone else seen this behavior with the CERN 3.0 server. This was
not a problem with the last version of the CERN server I just upgraded from.

Thanks for your help,

Lou Leclerc


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