JServ problem: no path_info/path_translated

JServ problem: no path_info/path_translated

Post by Martin Honne » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I am having troubles to get Apache/1.3.6 (Unix) with ApacheJServ/1.0b3
to recognize path_info attached to the servlet url. For instance with
sun servletrunner the following works
showing output
  Path info: /javascript
while with JServ
gives me an error
  ajp11: Servlet Error: ClassNotFoundException: SnoopServlet/javascript
in the mod_jserv.log
I am wondering how to configure apache/mod_jserv/jserv to handle such
urls correctly to look for the SnoopServlet and pass the the appended
path in path_info.

Any ideas??

CC of answers appreciated.


  Martin Honnen


1. problem/bug with path_info in an mod_perl Apache module

I am building a web site that is heavily mod_perl based. In fact, I am
handling every single request with a PerlHandler. I have something like

--- cut here ---
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler My::DefaultHandler

<Location /foo>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler My::FooHandler
--- cut here ---

Now, since I handle everything with My::DefaultHandler (unless a
<Location> catches the request), I thought to myself that I didn't need
to set DocumentRoot, which I left to its default (it's not in my
configuration file at all).

By disabling the My::DefaultHandler, I gathered that the default is
/usr/htdocs (which doesn't exist on my machine) and always give a 404
error (that's okay).

So, from my viewpoint, I don't need DocumentRoot at all, since I don't
ever let a request reach the filesystem.  But I noticed that if the
DocumentRoot is not valid, $r->path_info is wrong (it is not translated
at all and is the same as the URI).

Why isn't it translated (say /foo/bar into /bar, for the <Location
/foo>)? What does the DocumentRoot has to do with this, since there is a
handler even at the top-level?

I understand that the $r->filename translation would be wrong, but IT IS
ALREADY WRONG anyway, even with a valid DocumentRoot! For example,
asking for /foo/bar/baz with a handler in /foo will give a $r->filename
of <documentroot>/foo, which doesn't exist.

I think I should report a bug to the Apache Group, but I wanted to ask
around before (I already asked in the mod_perl mailing list)...


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