Creating image maps

Creating image maps

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1. ANNOUNCE: Java image mapping applet & image map editor

I believed this wasn't sent successfully, so here it goes again.  

If you like client-side image mapping, and Java, please try the following

Filename: PMAP10.ZIP
Size:  approximately 382,740 bytes

(1) Polymap Toolkit 1.0s (shareware version) defines arbitrary polygon regions
that can be associated with object names in GIF images.
(2) Java Polymap Applet 1.0 uses the above images to do client-side image mapping
for the WWW with simple tags in the HTML document such as
<applet code=ImageMap.class width=503 height=453>
<param name=img value=my_pmap.gif>

Polymap Toolkit allows you to edit Polymap objects in a GIF image.  A Polymap
object consists of one or more polygons and an object name.  A Polymap GIF file
carries one or more Polymap objects in its application-specific field.  The
Polymap information you create is stored using the application extension of GIF
89a, therefore a Polymap GIF file is still a valid GIF file that can be read by
all GIF readers. Polymap (the technique) can be used to define polygon regions in
the GIF image contained in the file. By associating the defined regions with
descriptive names that may be interactively displayed, or serve as input to other
applications, you may use Polymap to implement image maps in multimedia
applications that perform certain actions when an object is selected.  The Java
Polymap viewer included in this distribution demonstrates an application of
Polymap:  client-side image mapping on the World-Wide Web.  This Java applet
provides the kind of interactivity unavailable in the standard server-side ISMAP.  
But unlike other client-side image mapping techniques which keeps messy region
definition information in HTML documents, the Java/Polymap technique encapsulates
compressed Polymap information in the image files, resulting in a
tightly-coupled, and self-contained system that is easy to manage.  Furthermore,
through compressing image-mapping information, this mechanism saves storage space
and transmission time.

FTP site: in directory /pub/polymap
WWW site:

Thank you.

Cheong S Ang

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