Bug in CERN httpd v 3.0A on HP-UX ver 10 ?

Bug in CERN httpd v 3.0A on HP-UX ver 10 ?

Post by Anders Klintin » Thu, 03 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I have a problem when running the httpd ver 3.0A as root on
HP-UX version 10 (uname -srm gave : "HP-UX B.10.01 9000/712").
And I am beginning to wonder whether I have stumpled across a
bug in the httpd program.

The time is wrong by 6-7 hours so that a script executed by the
server executing the ll command will report the date of a file as:

test1.txt         Mar 21 07:53
test2.txt         Apr  1 06:02

whereas the ll command on the unix terminal would report

test1.txt         Mar 21 13:53
test2.txt         Apr  1 13:02

So before introducing the summertime the error is 6 hours - after
it is 7 hours.

The problem is not present when I start the daemon on port 8080
as non-root user - then the same result is produced.

I have searched 'everywhere' on the net for pointers to similar
problems/reports/fixes but to no avail.

Is this a known bug ? Or am I just too inexperienced setting up
this kind of server ?

Any help is appreciated.



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This must be a stupid question, but I don't seem to be able to crack

I've been trying to create a set of local pages, which I do not want
to be accessible from outside our domain. I installed the CERN httpd
server (3.0) on a HP running HP-UX 9.05 and put the following lines
in the configuration file:

UserId  www
GroupId web
Pass    /*      /disk2/web/*
Protection LOCAL {
        UserId          www
        GroupId         web
        AuthType        Basic

Protect /local/* LOCAL

The idea is that the files in the /disk2/web/local tree will only
be accessible from machine1.our.domain (later this should become
*.our.domain, but for testing I want to restrict it to one

The files in the /disk2/web are all owned by user www. The protection
for both group and others is --- (i.e. 0).

The result is that I can read all the files on ALL machines. So, even
the ones under local.

While running verbose while accessing a page under /local the server
actually says:
        AccessOk.... No protect rule nor ACL
That is, it does not seem to know that I defined a Protect for
/local/* It does acknowledge the definition when it starts up.

I tried several things
1. replacing /local/* by /disk2/web/local/*,
   result: no change
2. replacing the UserId of the files under local to something else
      than www and also changing this field in the Protection definition
   result: files cannot be accessed from any machine
3. defining not only the name but also the IP number in the GetMask
   result: no change

So, I'm stuck. I must say that the documentation is pretty
useless. That is it's great if you know what it is about, but it's
rather obscure for a newcomer.

So, who will enlighten me?

Many thanks in advance.

Garrelt Mellema


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       WWW: http://www.astro.su.se/~garrelt/

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