FastTrack 3.02 Tunning

FastTrack 3.02 Tunning

Post by Bremen Le » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I have a very busy web site using FastTrack 3.02 running on an SGI Origin
200.  I saw this message from the log [06/Nov/1998:10:30:11] failure: Error
accepting connection -5993 (Too man open files).  I have checked with the
SGI web page on OS tunning and FastTrack tunning but still can't fix my
problem.  So what I do right now is to run apache instead.

In fact I found that the bandwidth consumption different between using
apache and FastTrack is double.  Bandwidth consumption using Apache is 1.5M
while FastTrack is 768K.  Moreover I found that the cpu utilization of
running FastTrack is much higher than Apache.

Please give me some hints because my client want to use FastTrack instead of