Apache cookie logging

Apache cookie logging

Post by Stephen Hal » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm using Apache 1.3b3 on NT, with the mod_usertrack module loaded, and
cookie logging enabled.  Everything seems to work fine with browsers
which accept the cookies, ie. the cookie gets logged at the end of each
entry in the log file.  However, when a browser refuses a cookie, the
cookie still gets logged in the same way, and if the browser continues
to refuse successive cookies, these also get logged with successive
distinct values.  The result is that if you are using cookies to keep
track of user sessions, you think you have a lot more sessions (users)
than you really do.  In contrast, the WebTrends cookie plug-in on the
Netscape Enterprise server logs a refused cookie as "-".  Is this a bug
in the NT implementation of mod_usertrack, or is it present on Unix as


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