LinkScan 3.2: Multiproject enhancements added for multiple site maintainers

LinkScan 3.2: Multiproject enhancements added for multiple site maintainers

Post by Ken Churil » Thu, 04 Sep 1997 04:00:00

LinkScan 3.2: Multiproject enhancements added for multiple site maintainers

Gardnerville, NV, September 2, 1997 - Electronic Software Publishing
Corporation (Elsop) introduces a number of new features in LinkScan
version 3.2 that greatly enhance its power and flexibility for checking
very large internet and intranet websites. LinkScan 3.2 has facilities
for Webmasters to quickly and easily maintain multiple Projects on a
single server. A Project is defined as a set of configuration and data
files stored in a LinkScan subdirectory. This powerful capability is
extremely useful in a number of different situations:

To split-up very large sites into smaller sub-sites that can be tested
more quickly and generate smaller (more managable) reports.

To split-up large sites so that different reports can be created for
different departments and/or people that are responsible for the
maintenance of sub-sets of the site.

To configure LinkScan to handle multiple domains hosted on a single server.

Most of the following new features are designed to make it easier, faster,
and more flexible to configure (and maintain) LinkScan especially for
large and complex web sites or Intranets where many people are responsible
for the maintenance and content.

LinkScan automatically creates template for new Projects.

Added new 'Hostalias' directive to linkscan.ign file for use with servers
that have multiple identities.

Added new 'Noprojectlist' directive to linkscan.sys file.

Added new !HOME expression to 'Alias' directive in linkscan.ign.

The LinkScan configurator will move CGI files to a 'cgi-bin' directory and
update the '$Lsdir' parameter automatically.

LinkScan database is created in a temporary working directory so that
previous reports remain available during scanning

Added support for a new Global 'linkscan.ign' file

             Don't get caught with your links down

Our studies show that most websites have major problems. These include
up to 30% of the external links being broken along with missing files
and orphaned pages. Why? Because it's just too time consuming and
difficult to quality assure a large website manually and other programs
have been too slow and cumbersome to use.

The solution is to use a powerful automatic link validator to test every
link on your website. LinkScan is the answer. It is the most thorough and
fastest quality assuarance tool available for this task. LinkScan is
essential to a professionally managed web site. It's also easy to use
because it sets up all directories and permissions and builds your
configuation file automatically. Most first time users have LinkScan
installed and running in minutes.

Designed to work on both internet and intranet servers, LinkScan can test
over 40,000 links per hour because it is the only link checker that uses
multi-threaded simultaneous processing. Linkscan has successfully worked
on websites with over 80,000 pages and more than 50,000 external links
making it the pre-eminent tool for intranets.

LinkScan also produces two revolutionary types of maps of websites.
LinkScan's SiteMap enables the user to produce a site map that includes
every link on a website arranged in a hierarchical format that resembles
a book's table of contents. LinkScan's TapMap is an expandable and
collapsible site map that allows viewers to tap down through the various
and multiple levels of a website to quickly and easily navigate and
explore the website by tapping on a few control icons.

LinkScan is being used by such large and diverse organizations as
Hewlett-Packard, NEC, Sun Microsystems, the University of Cambridge (UK),
the United States Department of Defense, the Vancouver Public Library
(Canada), the California Institute of Technology, Australia's Commonwealth
Department of the Environment, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Webmedia (UK), Brown University, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers, The MITRE Corporation, and the Ford Motor Company.

The message to Webmasters is: "Don't get caught with your links down. Don't
let your visitors think your site sucks! You can now identify and fix those
problems today."

Free fully functional evaluation copies of LinkScan 3.2 may be downloaded
from the company's website at:



1. LinkScan 7.1 includes LinkScan ServerPro & Enhancements

LinkScan 7.1 includes LinkScan ServerPro & Enhancements

San Jose, CA, March 31, 2000. Electronic Software Publishing
Corp.(Elsop) is pleased to announce the release of LinkScan ServerPro.

With the introduction of LinkScan ServerPro, Elsop now offers a
solution for every level of an organization from individual
webmaster to development team to mutilple teams of developers
and content managers. Elsop's family of four quality assurance
products: LinkScan Workstation, LinkScan Server, LinkScan
ServerPro and LinkScan Enterprise provide a seamless growth path
that is offered with complete compatibility between the different
products. This is important to large organizations because their
training and support requirements are the same for all three
products. All LinkScan products can now scan remote as well as
local computer systems via HTTP and/or file system.

The LinkScan products are the industrial strength link checking
and website management tools for all Linux, Unix and Windows
operating systems. They are the most accurate, fastest and most
scalable products available and they are highly customizable.
They also do HTML validation. All LinkScan products create two
types of publication quality SiteMaps and they are professionally
supported. Reports may be viewed using all industry standard

LinkScan operates on all Unix Systems (including AIX, BSDI,
FreeBSD, Digital Unix, HP/UX, IRIX, Linux, and SunOS/Solaris
flavors), Linux and all Windows (95/98/NT/2000) platforms with
Perl 5.

Free fully functional evaluation copies of LinkScan 7.1 may be
downloaded from the  company's website at:

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