The server made a boo boo error, please help

The server made a boo boo error, please help

Post by Alle » Wed, 16 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I'm sorry if this has been posted a thousand times before but I am new to
this NG so accept my apologies in advance if it has been.

I am trying to setup a few www board on my linux server running the latest
version of apache but when the wwwboard tries to  POST to
cgi-bin/ I get this error (The Server Made a Boo Boo) I believe
this is error#500 or 501  but I would like to know if someone can tell me
what I have to do to remove problem and allow the POST , I am also running
password *.pl scripts with no problems at all so I know PERL is installed
correctly and the directory information is correct, it's only when something
is trying to POST do I get this error.
Can someone help me!!!

Thanks in advance


1. su, pam, Red Hat 7.0: I made a boo-boo


I screwed up royally.  Details, details.

I was trying to secure the su command and let only certain users execute it.
Keep in mind that I totally forgot about pam.

What I did was:
$ groupadd suers

$ vi /etc/group

$ chown root:suers /bin/su

Then when I tried to:

$ su -
Password Incorrect

even though I can logout and login as root.  So I know I am not crapping on
the root passwd.

I know now that all I had to do is uncomment certain lines in /etc/pam.d/su
and active the trusted group 'wheel' (and add certain people to wheel).

I tried to undo everything by:
$ chown root:root /bin/su

$ vi /etc/group
# suers:x:550:root,joe

But I still get the same "Password Incorrect".  If I try to vi /etc/pam.d/su
to activate 'wheel' as a trusted group, I do not get a chance to insert a
password... after I '$ su -', I get 'Password Incorrect' automatically.

This is a dodo question but can I reinstall su or pam and will that correct


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