Apache with AolPress 2.0 and BROWSE method

Apache with AolPress 2.0 and BROWSE method

Post by Brian S. Craigi » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hmm.... talking to myself here, but...

I managed to make the changes.  I've enabled BROWSE MKDIR and MOVE (the
latter being for netscape roaming access).  If anyone wants info on the
changes, please let me know



> Hi all.

> How easy would it be to change Apache 1.3.x to permit me to use a

> Script BROWSE .....

> directive to handle the BROWSE method implemented by the AolPress
> browser?


1. Can Apache recognise AOL's BROWSE method

This would be more appropriate for comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix.

Apache does not support AOLserver's non-standard BROWSE method.  They
lie on their web site:

   All interaction between AOLserver and AOLpress is based on industry
   standard HTTP methods including "PUT" and "DELETE". AOLserver will
   interact with any editor/browser capable of implementing these

BROWSE is _NOT_ a "industry standard HTTP method".

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