apache 1.2b8: Exclude machines from TransferLog-File

apache 1.2b8: Exclude machines from TransferLog-File

Post by Ellen Oestringe » Fri, 23 May 1997 04:00:00


I want to be able to exclude every machine of my home domain from
the transfer log file. How can I do that?



1. <Files> directive and regexps in apache 1.3.6, or excluding files

I'm trying to get a .htaccess file to restrict access to all files by
<Files *>
require valid-user

But I want to give access to one or 2 files (or a subdirectory) in the
same directory anyway. To do this I tried to use a negative lookahead
assertion with <FilesMatch>, but that didn't work. Now when I am
reading the docs, though, I see that if I use
<FilesMatch blahblah> I get regexp matching, while if I use
<Files ~ blahblah> I get _extended_ regexp matching. It also says that
the use of <FilesMatch> is preferred in apache 1.3 and up.

So does this mean that I should attempt the negative lookahead with
<Files ~ blahblah>? Or is that unwise? Will it be taken out of apache
soon? Or, last but not least, is there a better way to do this? I
can't find any.


Ketil Froyn
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