userdir restricted to certain users- want to split one server into 2 seperate servers

userdir restricted to certain users- want to split one server into 2 seperate servers

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I have the situation in an organisation where one dept has gone
autonomous from the main organisation.

Previously all user home pages lived under

Now we need to have a similar setup for the new dept - but to only
serve pages via the userdir method for a set of users. Additionally
the new dept wants a certain group of users to be on a seperate server
from the others - but to retain the use of the userdir method across
both new servers. Again this latter server should only serve the user
pages of a set group of users.

All userdir pages live under a public_html directory - both for the
old main org server and hopefully for the 2 new servers for the new

ie <-- restricted to certain users
& <-- restrcited to a different set of users

so bascially I'm looking for a way to restrcit the use of the userdir
method to certain users only ie we dont want soneone from the other
section to be able to give a url

all users share the same basic NFS/NIS type stucture in the same NIS


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Hi all,

I currently have a apache-1.2.4 running under solaris-x86, and as well
as servicing locally held files this services user homepages which are
NFS mounts from user homeareas. ie www.our.domain/~ssd all user
homepages are kept under a users public_html directory.

We are using the directive

UserDir /home/*/public_html

to acheive this.

I Know want to split the servers into 2 so as to maintain a distinct
identity between user homepages and the main external web site by
having 2 servers namely

www.our.domain and homepages.our.domain

I know that I can setup the homepages server with the UserDir
directive as above but how do I setup www.our.domain to automatically
refer to homepages when it gets a referal to www.our.domain/~ssd for
instance, Is there a neat way of doing this without having each users
homepage fixed to include a re-direction to the homepages server.

Thanks for any input.
Apologies for waffling on at lenght


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