Icons for dir's/gopher using CERN Proxy..?

Icons for dir's/gopher using CERN Proxy..?

Post by The Illinois Enema Band » Fri, 11 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Stupid Question Dept: I have a copy of CERN's httpd I'm using as a proxy
server, and would like to proxy gopher and ftp requests in addition to
just http's. Problem is, I can't get the CERN daemon to either pass or add
the menu item icons for the items. I have the various AddIcons statements
in, and did the reccomended usage of the whole URL for the icons. This is
what I have in the conf file:

DirShowIcons    On
AddDirIcon      http://ewi.ewi.org:80/icons/menu.xbm
AddBlankIcon    http://ewi.ewi.org:80/icons/blank.xbm
AddUnknownIcon  http://ewi.ewi.org:80/icons/unknown.xbm
AddParentIcon   http://ewi.ewi.org:80/icons/back.xbm

No dice.. all i get is blank space. Anyone provide me a clue? ;)

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