Symbolic Links & Security

Symbolic Links & Security

Post by Peter Flec » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 23:43:28

I need to move some web pages to another disk (running out of space) and
symbolic links look like the best way to accomplish linking to the pages.

Server Software is Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6.

What are the security risks and what sorts of things can I do to
minimize the risks.


Peter Fleck
Webmaster | University of Minnesota Cancer Center


1. Too many symbolic links, Symbolic link loop


I'm fighting with a FreeBSD machine. Roughly what I'm up to: I clean
installed FreeBSD, with the DES option. The goal is to set up an Apache
on the machine. Then I performed a rdist from a BSDI machine, importing
stuff like password file, user directories, user quotas, shells. The
Apache works
just fine, but when I try to run Perl I get stuck with the error
"Too many symbolic links" (under bash), "Symbolic link loop" (under sh).
scanned through my symbolic links w/o finding something striking.
Basically, the
links I have are "shortcuts to shells", some links to user logs...
Anyone seen this kind of problem? Anyone solved it? How?


Michael Hallgren, Easynet France
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