Q:NCSA's httpd_1.4.2 break on 8-bit input using METHOD=GET

Q:NCSA's httpd_1.4.2 break on 8-bit input using METHOD=GET

Post by Bernd Kra » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I got a problem with NCSA's httpd Version 1.4.2 under
Linux 1.2.3. At posting the QUERY-string from a form
to a cgi-bin script, the string breaks on 8-bit input,
if the the METHOD=GET is used.
That mean, that any 8-bit character in the
QUERY-string is mixed up. :-(
If i use METHOD=POST, there's no problem.

Got anybody an idea, how to fix it ?


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1. NCSA httpd_1.4.2 following index.html symlink

I just upgraded from NCSA httpd_1.3 to 1.4.2 and found that it still has
a problem that I noted in the earlier version.  Namely, even with Options None
in the access.conf, it will follow a symlink'd index.html file.  It's
important to me that our server never follow symlinks because I want to
keep WWW file access restricted to a certain area of the system.

My solution is to add some lines to httpd_get.c:

*** http_get.c  Sun Sep 24 12:31:39 1995
--- http_get.c.orig     Fri Jun 23 12:09:57 1995
*** 207,223 ****
          else {
- /*
-  * copied the following from above to prevent using index.html
-  * if it is a symlink.  Changed `file' args to `ifile'.   R. Perry, 9/24/95
-  */
-     evaluate_access(ifile,&finfo,M_GET,&allow,&allow_options, fd);
-     if(!allow) {
-         log_reason("client denied by server configuration",ifile);
-         unmunge_name(ifile);
-         die(FORBIDDEN,ifile,fd);
-     }
--- 207,212 ----

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