Another GREAT WWW Unix Server Resource!!!

1. a great resource for Unix professionals

A 'new' career, contract and professional resource site for
Internet/e-Commerce and Client/Server technology professionals:

Whether your an active career or contract seeker or just keeping your
options open, post your profile with us at and
keep in tune with what a career in Unix offers you across North America. You
can rest assured that all of your personal and contact information is
secure. In addition, you can select our '100% confidentiality' feature to
keep your name, number and e-mail private. Our iSmart Notification feature
will bring the careers or contracts to your attention that map your skills
requirements at the dollars you specify and in the location(s) of your
choice. Consider us your 24 hour on-line agent with your skills,
confidentiality and interests always top in mind.

iSmart in just a few days will offer our iSmart Center where
Windows/Object and Web developers can share technical problems and solutions
and correspond with your peers across the continent. Through our technical
forums, we will host on going discussion topics such as OO Design and
Development, OS/2 Configuration, Java Development, Web Development, Database
Development, CORBA, Windows Solutions, Linux Web Integration,
Internet/Intranet Integration and e-Commerce integration topics in moderated
forums, where you don't have to worry about unsolicited postings
interrupting professional discussions. (like this one)

See you there,

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