ErrorDocument POST - Apache/1.3b6

ErrorDocument POST - Apache/1.3b6

Post by Joe Arnol » Tue, 26 May 1998 04:00:00

When I set the ErrorDocument to be a CGI script, I am unable to use the
POST method when calling it.
Check this out...
srm.conf: ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/printenv
When I connect to the server using
  <FORM ACTION="" method="POST">,

However, when I connect to the server using
  <FORM ACTION="" method="POST">
  REQUEST_METHOD is reported to be GET.
Check out
to see the examples.

Is this a bug?  If so, will it be fixed?  Regardless, I would appreciate
any direction that anyone could give me to fix this situation. (ie. which
files of the source to look at.)  I would like to send POST methods to the

Linux mabell 2.0.33 #2 Thu Mar 5 21:02:48 PST 1998 i486 unknown
SERVER_SOFTWARE = Apache/1.3b6

-Joe Arnold

California State University, Chico   \   / \ /


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