The Best CHAT Program available

The Best CHAT Program available

Post by John Higgin » Sun, 08 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Web Designers and ISP - Do you have clients that ask for a chat area on
thier web sites? Now you can offer them the BEST chat software available
on the web, ENTER:Active Chat -

Unlike most of the chat programs out there, we have made technological
breakthroughs and are generations ahead in implementation of our chat
software. There's nothing for users to download, no plug-ins to install,
and we do NOT use java! (which means that 100% of all users, on any
platform can use our chat areas! - did you realise that an estimated 60%
of all internet traffic is still using win3.1, and cannot use JAVA

We have many features such as private messages, multiple rooms, a who's
online list, no mouse operation(with automatic refresh! just type in
your message and hit ENTER), whois, alias changing, full html and
multimedia support (with on/off toggles available to the admins), and a
range of admin commands such as kick, ban and God Mode. These features
combined with a truly revolutionary interface is making eaCHAT the
hottest web based chat software available, anywhere!

We offer both personal licenses for use on a single web site, and
Distributor Licenses to resell the eaCHAT software to your clients with
NO royalties! This is a deal that NO professional web designer should be
without. We also have created the most unique and effective web
advertising package available, and at an unbelievable price. ($150/month
for 1000's of impressions on ALL of the web sites running eaCHAT
software!) An unbeatable way to advertise your company!

Our chat software installs easily on any UNIX based server that has
perl5, flock() and fcntl() support (and allows cgi scripts). We offer a
100% money back guarentee if we cannot get eaCHAT set up and running on
your server. We believe that our software is the best available and
stand behind it with full technical support, and once installed, there's
No maintenence needed, no logs to delete, it is all automatically taken
care of by the software.

Come see eaCHAT in action for yourself and see for yourself why
ENTER:Active Chat is best there is!

ENTER:Active Software, Inc.