Apache-Server and QUERY_STRINGs

Apache-Server and QUERY_STRINGs

Post by Reiner Berg » Fri, 09 Jan 1998 04:00:00


i installed the Server Apache/1.3b3 on my Windows95-Machine and it works
well with the most Perl-Scripts always get an "500 Internal Server
Error" when submitting a Get-request to a Perl-Script with a

There is no entry in the Servers error.log responding do this "Internal
Server Error"!

I have *no* trouble with QUERY_STRINGs like:


My question(s):

Does anybody know, why the Apache-Server only accepts QUERY_STRINGs
which at least contain one = character (name=value)


how do i have to configure the servers config-files to change this
behavior when submitting QUERY_STRINGs with only?

Thank you for any information or help

Reiner Bergs




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I am running Apache (1.3.?) on a Linux system. I have been having problems
running the "test.cgi" that comes with Apache. Although I can run other cgi

The problem is that environment varibales such as $QUERY_STRING do not get
passed from webpages to cgi scripts.

When I call "test.cgi" from a form within a web page this is
the output:

   CGI/1.0 test script report:

   argc is 0. argv is .


If I run the same webpage and "test.cgi" on my school's server the output
WILL show the values of the above variables. Apparently cgi scripts on my
server are not reading the above variables.

What do I have to do so that variables such as $QUERY_STRING get passed to
scripts ?


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