New survey of server usage

New survey of server usage

Post by Cliff Add » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Just an FYI, our company just completed a survey of about 2 million
domain names to determine server usage for primary web servers.  See for the results.


1. Internet e-mail usage survey

We at Interactive Research are conducting a study of e-mail usage and
the problems some people have with unsolicited commercial e-mail or
"spamming." (Our apologies if you consider this a spam. ... We are merely
trying to understand the extent of the problem.)

The survey should take you about 5 minutes. Your input will be
valuable in helping better understand this issue. In addition, we will
be conducting a follow-up interview with a number of people. If you are
chosen, we will pay you $25 for your time.

Go to to take the survey.

Thank you for your help.

Riley Kirby
Interactive Research


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