HTML (!shtml) SSI on a Netscape Commerce Server?

HTML (!shtml) SSI on a Netscape Commerce Server?

Post by Dale Manema » Sat, 15 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        We have a base of 50000+ web pages that we are throwing on an
Netscape Commerce Server. Problem is, many of these pages have
server-side-includes. This means that all html files that have an ssi
command embedded in them must have their extension changed to .shtml
before they will work. This would mandate changing all of the html
pages that call these pages and the renaming and resubmission of the ssi
embedded pages to the search engines. In other words, it would be a
royal pain in the ass.
        Is there a way to turn off this 'feature' of the Netscape
Commerce Server so that we can continue to use ssi on .html pages? Or is
there any other way around it (like cern's, perhaps)? Any
help would be appreciated! Please cc your post in an email.

Dale Manemann


1. HTML (!shtml) SSI on a Netscape Commerce Server?

Not true.  We too run Commerce Server, and you have three choices:

   Use a filename extension of .shtml for parsed HTML.
   Parse only the HTML files with the execute bit set.
   I'd like to parse all the HTML files sent to the client.

So, you could do the second and set the execute bit, or do the latter
and parse everything.  No file or href changes

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