Q: Apache 2.x, Proxy Auth / Access Control

Q: Apache 2.x, Proxy Auth / Access Control

Post by Rainer Scher » Sun, 27 Oct 2002 07:59:52


A question to the developer of the apache:

Are there any plans to include Proxy Authentification (code 407)
into apache 2.0 proxy module?

As far as I read the latest docs, apache only understands the
access control via IP addresses (as apache 1.3 does).

Doing authentification via "require user xxx" seems not to be

Are there any plans to support this for apache?
Or is it already implemented and I missed something in the docs.

Tnx in advance for any hint on this topic ...



1. Apache with access control vs proxy (Not apache AS proxy)

I have a webserver which should have limited
access from a subnet.
Works fine with an "access from xxx.xxx." directive.
Problem: There are proxies in the subnet.
If someone outside uses a proxy in authorized subnet,
he can access the webserver.

How can I avoid this "feature" if I haven't access
to the setup of the proxy-Server.

Thanks a lot

Stefan Huelbrock
Voice (+49/0)7071-2977176, Fax (+49/0)7071-922983
University of Tuebingen, WSI, Computer Architecture
Koestlinstr. 6, D-72074 Tuebingen, Germany


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