Can a third-party module be multi-threaded in Apache?

Can a third-party module be multi-threaded in Apache?

Post by Gummiebea » Sun, 28 Jan 2001 08:21:14


I'm fairly new to Apache development and need helps from experienced

With Apache 1.x, it's a parent/child single threaded architecture.
(i.e. the parent httpd forks of x numbers of children, and each child
is a single threaded process responding to requests.).  My problem
is that a new module that I need to write contains multiple threads.
The threads are there to periodically collect session and traffic
statistics.  Some of the statistics are collected regardless
of whether a request comes in or not.  Therefore, I cannot rely on
the request event handler to intervene and get the needed information.

My question is: "Does Apache allow a module to contain multiple threads?

It it does, my life is much simpler.  Otherwise, I have to
think of a mechanism that use a separate process to collect statistics
from each child even at the time when there is no request comes in.

Please advice and shred some lights.  Any helps will be
greatly appreciated.




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I'd like to be able to rotate logfiles generated by a third party module
whithout having to restart apache.

The module creates logfiles that are a combination of access and referer plus
a checksum to prevent tampering with the logfile. That checksum is generated
by the module itself, not by a pipe.

Either I have not understood the concept of the "rotatelogs" utility or
rotating these logfiles is not possible using "rotatelogs".

I just want to rotate a given log file at a given time.

It seems I cannot use TransferLog like in the example given in the rotatelogs
man page as that would require knowing the logfile format (which I don't
because of the checksum).

Thanx for any help!


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