How: Apache 1.3, WinNT/95 and CGI-Scripts

How: Apache 1.3, WinNT/95 and CGI-Scripts

Post by Stefan Kirc » Sun, 14 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have big problems with this combination.

Also I got Apache 1.3 running on Win95/NT Systems, and installing
Perl, so I can start .PL-files from the prompt, I'm not able to call
CGI-Perl-Scripts inside Apache with a URL in the cgi-local-directory.
The cgi-local-directory seems to be installed correctly, because I can
start EXE-files there, so ScriptAlias, Addhandler and so on seems to be ok.

But if I call a Perl-SCripts, copied from my Linux-Apache-System, I allways
get Internal Server Error and in the error-log, "couldn't spawn child
process:"" appeared.

What am I doing wrong? Any hints would be helpful, i possible, please

Best regards