Migrating IIS to Apacher

Migrating IIS to Apacher

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Does anyone have any pointers or tools for migrating an IIS server
to Apache. I am assuming ASP pages are being used on IIS.

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1. sun 2.5.1 web, ftp migrated to NT and IIS 4.0

To any System Engineer's (Unix, MCSE)

I confess that I am relatively inexperience with Unix, although I was trained
(unix and C++)  at the University for ten months. I have recently completely my

At my job I have the following project:

Company XYZ wants to migrate from Sun Solaris 2.5.1 to Windows NT 4.0. The will
transfer their ftp and web services to the NT Internet Information Server 4.0.
The new ftp on the NT side will have 100 directories, belong to 100 different
groups of engineers, accessed by two passwords, one for the Administrators and
one  for the  general public. I can create two groups to easily administer the
pasaswords, right?  The Web services on teh Unix side will, I believe, be on
the front end.I have never migrated Unix to NT before. And quite frankly, I
haven't used Unix in over 8 months. I have searched very hard on Sun and
Microsoft web sites and technet but saw no documentation.

Any assistance that can  help me smoothly do this migration and  be the darling
"albeit green"  of the office would be greatly appreciated.

Please send messages to both here and my office email. I have to do a
presentation by 3PM monday.



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