Internet Rank Engine-the next generation of search engines

Internet Rank Engine-the next generation of search engines

Post by Yanhong » Thu, 10 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I just put up a web site to demo my ideas on search engines.
I call it Internet Rank Engine.

Unlike a search engine, which tells you the most relevant web sites
to your query, a rank engine tells you the Most Popular, Best Quality
web sites which are relevant to your query.

My engine is located at

I welcome comments.


1. The Next Internet Search engine


My Name Is Amjad and i am looking for few great internet programmers to
create the next search engine. You will be compensated by a partnership in
this newly created company.

I have a database of over 40 million web address and their description and
the next step will be to create .ASP or cgi that does the search based on
the users request.

This could be worth while, and it will be done in your spare time so you
dont have to quit your job.

Thank you

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