St. Louis Mo - Looking for a career change

St. Louis Mo - Looking for a career change

Post by Dee Wicke » Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:00:00

email me and I'll tell you what I do and how I can help you.

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1. Unix Systems Admin.; CellNet Data Systems; St.Louis MO

        UNIX Operations Engineer
        CellNet Data Systems
                 St. Louis, MO

The Opportunities/Requirements
Opportunity to configure, control and monitor a CellNetwireless  client
server installation, including the support of all communications
paths between CellNet hardware components as well as the customer's
interface hardware application devices. Requires BSEE/CS and
solid experience in UNIX, systems operation and administration.
Development of Oracle/SQL applications, exposure to networking,
and PCs is a plus.

        The Company...
CellNet Data Systems, located in San Carlos, CA,  is a wireless  network
information services company specializing in wireless Network
Information Systems (NIS) and other value added services for
a variety of industries. We're 10 years old, have over 500 employees,
are incredibly well financed, and became a public company in
September, 1996.
Our ambition is to become the dominant fixed point wireless data
service company in the world. Currently, we are signing  several
long term contracts with large utilities to install wireless
transmitters in each of their customer's meters as well as
developing non-utility wireless networks. Plans have begun to
service the international marketplace, as well.

Our wireless network is currently being installed at Union Electric

For more details about CellNet, please visit our homepage at

Field positions are also available at the following locations:
        San Carlos, CA (Bay area)
        Sacramento, CA (Delta area)
        Kansas City, MO
        St. Louis, MO
        Minneapolis, MN
        Seattle, WA

What's next?
For further consideration, contact Mike Boca through any of the
following alternatives:

        Fax:            (415)508-6880
        Mail:           CellNet Data Systems
                        125 Shoreway Rd.
                        San Carlos, Ca., 94070

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