Apache JServ Installation error messages

Apache JServ Installation error messages

Post by jsis.. » Mon, 06 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I installed Apache 1.3.9 and the JServ 1.0 module and things worked
great - until I started moving things around.  I wanted all the conf
files to be in the conf directory and all the logs to be in the logs
directory.  Makes sense?

Well at some point along the way, it quit working and it's giiving me
error messages that I don't understand.  Could someone tell me what
these mean?

These errors happening right when I run the httpd program and the web
server will not even start.

If I change the ApJServManual setting to on then start up the JVM
manually, things work.  This happens when the ApJServManual setting os


In the error_log file:
[Sun Dec  5 11:19:15 1999] [crit] (2)No such file or directory: Apache
JServ enc
ountered a fatal error; check your ApJServLogFile for details if none
are presen
t in this file.  Exiting.

In the mod_jserv.log file:
[05/12/1999 11:19:15:413] (ERROR) an error returned initializing
protocol "wrapper"
[05/12/1999 11:19:15:414] (ERROR) in init all protocols "wrapper"
returned an error
[05/12/1999 11:19:15:414] (EMERGENCY) Error initializing protocols


1. Apache JServ error messages

I'm trying to get Apache JServ running under Apache 1.3.9 on Caldera
OpenLinux.  I have followed all of the configuration and installation
instructions to the T, but JServ is not working.  I get the following
error messages in mod_jserv.log:

[13/01/2000 11:16:42:121] (ERROR) wrapper: printing debugging
information (command line, env)
[13/01/2000 11:16:42:129] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 0]
[13/01/2000 11:16:42:129] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 1]
[13/01/2000 11:16:42:129] (ERROR) wrapper: argument[ 2]
[13/01/2000 11:16:42:129] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 0]
[13/01/2000 11:16:42:129] (ERROR) wrapper: environment[ 1]

These messages are repeated every 5 minutes whenever httpd is running.
As far as I can tell, they are generated when reading the
jserv.properties file.  I have left that file mostly the way it comes
by default, only replacing some paths with those specific to my system.
All of the paths shown in the error messages exist and are specified in
exactly the way the jserv.properties file says they should be.

Any ideas?

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