httpd-2.0 and Auth*Authoritative

httpd-2.0 and Auth*Authoritative

Post by Andr√© Mal » Sat, 20 Jul 2002 07:37:47


'AuthAuthoritative off' and related give the possibility to put some
auth modules into a chain. But it seems that this directive has a
problem with the 2.0 API.

I've looked through the code, especially the following files:

modules/mod_auth_anon.c und

Per default all modules register the check_user_id hook at
APR_HOOK_MIDDLE relative position, i.e. the auth-module-ordering is more
or less done randomly (because they're sorted in apr_hooks.c/prepare()
by a qsort call).

So I can only /test/, how the modules are ordered at startup.
However, the test result can be moved to /dev/null if someone
changes the LoadModule-directives (by adding or removing some modules,
that register the check_user_id hook, too)

Now my question ;-):
Did I understand the code right? Or do I miss anything important?

TIA, nd
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I understand how to configure NCSA's HTTPd to restrict access based on
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However, I don't know if the authorization test is simply a reverse DNS
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It seems that reverse lookup only would be quite easy to spoof...
so I am hoping that popular http servers perform forward lookup to
confirm the sanity of the reverse lookup.
And, specifically, does NCSA's HTTPd do this lookup confirmation?

Thank you for any comments.
John Ruckstuhl

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