apache_2.0.35 + mod_ssl

apache_2.0.35 + mod_ssl

Post by ·?¤¤?lˉ » Sun, 28 Apr 2002 13:22:38

Is that anybody compile it successful?

apache_2.0.35 + mod_ssl

Post by Joe Doupn » Sun, 28 Apr 2002 21:51:30

> Is that anybody compile it successful?

        Yes. That is an answer as vague as your question. Look back a week
in this group for my earlier messages on the subject.
        Joe D.


1. contest update to 0.35

Regarding the contest responsiveness benchmark (http://contest.kolivas.net)

I've made a minor update to 0.35. The main change is that it does one extra
kernel compile before each actual test. This pretty much washes away the effect
of previous loads that were running, and starts off every benchmark on the same
footing in terms of what is cached in ram.

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