NCSA 1.5a running as root bug & fix

NCSA 1.5a running as root bug & fix

Post by David Sh » Thu, 30 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hi there,

I've found a rather interesting bug in the HTTPd version 1.5a under SunOS

I am in charge of managing the server, but I am NOT root.  To make life
easier, I have two programs (both setuid root) to start or restart the

When I put up the server by running the start program, my real uid is
my own, but my effective uid is root.  Unfortunately, the server only
checks _real_ uids before deciding if it will give up its root
priviledges or not.

Thus, if you start the server from a setuid starter program, you end up
with your server running setuid root.  Not a good thing.

To fix it, I replaced (in the httpd.c file) getuid with geteuid.


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I compiled and installed NCSA httpd-1.5a in my Solaris2,4 system, using
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Who could help figure it out?

Sincerely, yours


Xinyang Shen

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